Sale BIG VISION - ম্যাগনিফায়িং গ্লাস-C: 0011.

BIG VISION - ম্যাগনিফায়িং গ্লাস-C: 0011.

Brand: China

Product Code: 0011

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Product Name : BIG VISION - ম্যাগনিফায়িং গ্লাস-C: 0011.

Product Details : The As Seen On TV Big Vision glasses are ideal for hobbies, crafts and reading. Now you can enlarge any object instantly. 
The lens uses 160 percent, magnification with no distortion for a close-up look. 
These clear night vision, glasses work well at any time. 
They are designed to wear easily over prescription glasses, contacts or sunglasses.

Specification : 160 percent magnification.
Makes everyday tasks easy.
Optical quality lens.
Fits over prescription glasses.
Great for sewing and crafts, reading fine print, detailed work, etc.

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