Sale 16 LED Selfie Flash Light-C: 0001.

16 LED Selfie Flash Light-C: 0001.

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Product Name : 16 LED Selfie Flash Light-C: 0001.

Specifications : Size : 38mm x 38mm x 10mm (thick), dimensions do not include earbuds.
Weight : 15 grams, LED lights: 16, Battery power: 200mAh.
Flash photography can be up to 500 times. 

Features :• Portable multifunction mini flash built 16 LED bulb.
• It can use the free application iblazr synchronize connected iOS, Android and WP8 and other smart phones and tablets.
• able to take pictures in low light conditions, the effect is outstanding.
• The self-timer of the best parts are.
• provides three powerful illumination pattern with different scenarios needs.
• Built-in rechargeable battery, and do not consume smartphone power.
• has a picture/movie mode.
• illumination can be used independently as assist lamp-(without being connected to a smart phone or other device).

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